A Journey to Amalfi: Nature and Italian food flavor

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A Journey to Amalfi: Nature and Italian food flavor

History, nature, culture and excellent food meet here: in the unique landscapes of Amalfi.

Amalfi is the beating heart of the Amalfi Coast, a stretch of 50 km where cliffs small towns, coves and small beaches overlook the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Among the bright coloured vineyards and the strong lemon scent coming from the lemon groves, we discover the 15 towns of the Amalfi Coast, set in a picturesque landscape made of valleys and promontories.

It is one of the 53 Italian sites that UNESCO has included in the World Heritage List.

The towns of the Amalfi Coast are different from each other for traditions and features but each one has its own very strong identity.

Amalfi, the central core both geographically and historically, is a wonderful city to which we wanted to dedicate one of our menus. A romantic city with breathtaking sunsets, where you can enjoy the authentic taste of Italian tradition.

Here, there is a strong culinary identity: cuisine and territory are closely connected in a forever lasting link.

The territory offers high quality products which become culinary delicacies known and appreciated all over the world. Here you can appreciate the strong taste of the best limoncello obtained from the citrus groves of the area, the anchovies of Cetara, fine quality olive oil and many varieties of tomato, the key player of the menu our “Campania Amalfi Menu”


Recently a variety of typical Amalfi tomatoes has been found and redeveloped: the “Re Umberto” or “Fiascone” tomatoes. It is an ancient and rare variety, preserved by some “Seed Savers” in different countries of the world.
It began to be grown in the early years of the 900 and it is the ancestor from which also derives the “San Marzano tomato”, “the red gold” of Campania, the main character of many recipes of Mediterranean cuisine.

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