Sweet temptations: His Majesty the Baba!

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Sweet temptations: His Majesty the Baba!

Golden, soft, delicious! Babas are gold nuggets of unmistakable exquisiteness!

Let’s discover the secrets of Campania’s delicious typical pastry through a unique product, a perfect dessert for every occasion: Babà!

With its traditional unmistakable mushroom shape, it is suitable for many variations: there are mini-shaped babàs, simple or rum flavored, with limoncello or fruit; stuffed with custard or with whipped cream… the limit is only your imagination! It is one of the most requested and appreciated Campania products.

Beyond the filling and decoration, all the babas have common features:

  • simple ingredients: flour, sugar, butter, eggs and brewer’s yeast
  • dough long leavening
  • dough kneading in order to give the typical elasticity
  • a long “bath” in sugar syrup or liqueur

The procedure is not complex but it takes time and the right equipment. In Campania it is impossible get into a bar or a bakery not find it in its different variations.

The art of Patisserie in Campania is really a distinctive feature: food is history and culture at the same time. Imagine you are sitting at the table, enjoying a good babà at the end of a meal with a nice steaming coffee: you are actually tasting an ancient tradition which has taken the first steps in the kitchen and through the old recipes handed down from generation to generation.


The babà as we know it, has ancient Polish origins: it was the Polish Tsar Stanislas Leczynski who invented it in the 1700s. It became famous thanks to the work of Neapolitan pastry chefs who perfected the recipe and made it the symbol of the Campania Patisserie known throughout the world.

The Campania Amalfi menu is perfect to enjoy these authentic flavors. Find out more HERE.