Carnaroli rice: the ideal rice for your risotto!

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Carnaroli rice: the ideal rice for your risotto!

Dear friends and gourmets! Today we talk about another “must” of the Italian cuisine: risotto! It dominates the culinary landscape in northern Italy and it is prepared according to a few basic steps that make risotto a creamy and yummy dish! That’s why we are going to talk about the procedure that you should follow but, even more important, about the rice type you should use.

In our TOSCANA Firenze Menu we use Carnaroli rice…but why? Below you can find a list of all its features to find out why it is the best choice for your risotto!

Carnaroli risotto: how did it get its name?

This rice comes from the regions Lombardia and Piemonte and it is called like this because of a very curious event.

According to a local story, Angelo de Vecchi -an Italian rice grower from Paullo – tried to create a new rice type by mixing two already existing varieties: vialone and lencino.

Unluckily results were not forthcoming, and an important collaborator was disheartened and discouraged. In order to encourage him, Angelo de Vecchi said: “Come on, let’s try again. If we succeed, we will name this rice variety after you!”. That’s how this amazing rice variety got its name.

Carnaroli rice: the perfect starch percentage and cooking

Luckily the rice grower and the farmer kept trying until they got this amazing result. Carnaroli rice has many important organoleptic properties, useful to prepare an excellent risotto.

  1. The cooking is balanced, and you can cook the rice until 16-18 minutes;
  2. It absorbs aromas and condiments;
  3. It is slightly sweet (and therefore it brings out more delicate tastes such as pumpkin and mushrooms);
  4. It is easy to cook even for beginners;

It contains more starch if compared to other rice varieties, such as arborio which should be combined with salads or more dried dishes instead.

That’s all! Now you know why you will get Carnaroli rice with the TOSCANA Firenze Menu at home. What are you waiting for? Trying is believing! Yummy!

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