Here are some tips to prepare an amazing egg pasta!

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Here are some tips to prepare an amazing egg pasta!

Dear friends, today we want to share with you an important cornerstone of the Italian cuisine.

Our blog is already plenty of valuable tips that you should keep in mind if you want to cook many Italian dishes in the best way possible!

Everyone loves Italian pasta such as tagliatelle, maltagliati, pappardelle or tagliolini. Egg pasta is the symbol of Italian cuisine and it is a combination of taste, manual skills and creativity.

Today we share with you five of the most important tips to get a great result when you cook pasta.

So, let’s get started and if you feel like wearing the apron, pay attention to the following instructions.

pasta all'uovo

Egg pasta: our five important tips

First and foremost, choose fresh and high-quality ingredients and use flour and eggs at room temperature.

  1. Use a wooden board. Thanks to the wood grains, your dough will get the right porosity;
  2. While kneading, don’t forget to stay away from air currents especially in summer because eggs get dry quickly. Porosity and texture are important to roll out the dough in the right way.
  3. The dough needs to rest for a while. Wrap it in a transparent film and let it rest for at least half an hour.
  4. Stir in the right quantities! Each medium or big egg should be mixed with 100g flour. You can use semolina, superfine flour, semi-wholegrain flour …but always according to the sauce you will combine with the pasta!
  5. Use a long rolling pin where you can wrap the entire dough and reach the right thickness.

If this procedure seems too difficult for you, just go for our tagliatelle or lasagne which are prepared with high quality eggs and their thickness and porosity allow a perfect combination with any type of sauce!

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