Italian chilli peppers: sun and taste in our dishes!

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Italian chilli peppers: sun and taste in our dishes!

Italian chilli pepper is one of the best in the world and can give each dish a note of energy and and force, which is typical here in Italy.

However, not everybody knows that chilli pepper is very useful for our immune system to face winter.

Chilli pepper has a high percentage of vitamin C, A as well as a disinfectant effect on our body. It is also a vasodilator, that’s why it is regarded as a powerful aphoridisiac.

There are several types of chilli pepper, classified according to their content of capsaicin. Contrary to what most people think, the seeds do not contain the highest percentage of capsaicin, which gives chilli pepper its peculiar spicy flavour. The internal wall and the thin pulp layer cause the typical burning sensation in our mouth that is so appreciated in Italy and worldwide.


How can we enjoy the taste of chilli pepper?

One of the reasons which chilli pepper is so beloved lies in its versatility. It can be used as a powder, fresh, cooked, raw or to flavour spicy aromatic oils.

Lots of Italian families, especially in the south of Italy, have a secret recipe to prepare spicy oils. Chilli peppers are immersed in extra virgin olive oil for a period of time in order to achieve the desired spiciness.

Capsaicin is soluble in the fat concent, so it gradually releases its flavour and the essential oils enrich extra virgin olive oil. You can also add a clove of garlic, rosemary and other aromatic herbs to make a personalised mixture.

Moreover, there are people who would never give up pieces of raw chilli pepper which gradually release their spicy flavour in the mouth when we chew food.

It gives a spicy note which makes every dish really Italian. We would like to remind you that Italian chilli peppers, such as the chilli pepper from Soverato, the horn-like chilli pepper from Calabria or diavolicchio are local and do not come from South America.

Their main feature is a mild spicy flavour, that’s why they are used daily for preparing food.

Which menu would you like to enricht with a generous quantity of chilli pepper?

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