The tart: every Italian mum can prepare it.

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The tart: every Italian mum can prepare it.

The tart is a typical Italian dessert loved by everyone all around the country.

It is tasty and easy to cook, you just need butter, sugar, eggs and jam.

By eating it, we all remember our childhood and the amazing scent coming from the oven. We still prepare it, since it’s easy to cook and delicious.

Many people think that the Italian tart originated from the rich and tasty pastiera, a typical Neapolitan dessert similar to a tart. Unlike the pastiera, the traditional Italian tart is cooked with basic and cheap ingredients, because it was prepared by farmers and poor people.

It is no surprise that fruits are the main ingredients of this dessert, if you consider how many varieties of apricots, peaches, apples, pears and plums grow in Italy throughout the year.

The origins: Bartolomeo Scappi wrote about the Italian tart in its Work in 1570

The Work by Bartolomeo Scappi is perhaps the most complete treatise describing culinary customs and habits during the Renaissance. It’s sort of a culinary journey which first describes the figure of the cook and then all the different kinds of raw materials (such as fish, eggs, soups, bushmeat…). He speaks extensively about the tart in the fifth book where he lists several types of savoury and sweet tarts.

In Italy we eat tarts for breakfast or as a snack.

If you want an even yummier dessert, you can serve it warm and combined with a little ball of vanilla ice cream.

Taste this amazing combination of warm and crispy shortcrust pastry combined with the creamy ice cream!

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What are you waiting for? Turn on the oven and cook this amazing dessert that will make your mouth water!