On the slopes of Etna Volcano

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On the slopes of Etna Volcano

Fire and sea come together giving life to a unique land and typical Cuisine

Land of exchange between men and natural elements: sea and land, hills and volcanoes, some of which are still acrive such as Etna and Stromboli; beautiful frames for a territory full of history and traditions.

Sicily is the largest region of Italy as well as the largest island of the country and of the Mediterranean. Land of conquest of innumerable populations throughout the centuries, is connected to its past by a great variety of culinary traditions: food is about roots, history and exchange.  That is why we dedicate one of our menus to this land.

A Sicilian menu, offers an absolute authenticity, from the first course to the dessert with high quality products grown under the warm Sicilian sun by the cool island sea.

Imagine now that we are on the island, at noon and take a deep breath. Ehat do you feel? The intense smell of citrus fruits is the first flavour you feel: oranges, tangerines, bergamots and above all, the bright yellow lemons of Syracuse, And then other fruits, such as the prickly pears, the khaki of Misilmeri, kiwi and the red cherry of Etna; an endless list of incomparable and distinctive products of a very rich land.

On the Sicilian hills, between the colors of citrus groves and the green colour of the national parks of this area, there are also other agri-food unique products such as “Sbergia”, a particular peach which is grown only in this region; but also “Pachino” tomatoes, a symbol of Italian cuisine born in this area. Last but not least, the famous pistachio of Bronte which is so precious to deserve the nickname “green gold of Sicily”, the true protagonist of our menu.

Now we descend the hills and we admire a light blue line: we can smell the scent: finally the sea.

There are numerous fish markets that we can find on our way,such as the one of Catania, one of the most famous of the island. Here we can find swordfishes, gilthead breams, mussels and clams and an abundance of oily fish. Last but not least, the famous red prawns from Mazara del Vallo.

In these places, the Mediterranean is the common thread of the whole island tradition offering unique scenarios, smells and typical flavors.


Sicilian agri-food specialties are known in Italy and all over the world, as excellent products and excellent ingredients to create a menu.
So let’s discover some of the most popular Sicilian foods in the world!


  • Lemons, whose scent make you feel like you are travelling right through Sicily


  • Pachino tomatoes, one of the most typical product in Italy, with a very fresh and tasty flavor and also rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.


  • The Sicilian Cannoli, symbol of Sicilian and Italian pastry. You can have one in every bakery of the world, but the original one, is served with the inimitable pistachio of Bronte!


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