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about us

Everything starded when we asked ourselves: what is cooking about?
We realized that cooking is an intimate, interior place. It is also culture, sensoriality, interaction, happiness, colors, perfumes, research, authenticity.
Do you agree?


Our mission is to guide you on a journey through taste which starts from each of these impressions
and sometimes goes deep down to the roots of Italian tradition
and sometimes rises up to the tips of the avantĀ­garde.
We want you to enjoy our passion for genuine cuisine which is able to combine Taste together with the best quality.
We select every single product to make sure you will receive the best!
Passion, semplicity and authenticity will guide us on a journey through the food specialties of Italy, from your plate straight to emotion.

buy your meal box!

We have prepared a selection of recipes that you can easily prepare at home.
Make your choice: receive a box containing everything you need for each menu, follow the steps with texts, images and video.
Give yourself the gift of cooking a lunch or a dinner with high quality fresh ingredients
Have fun preparing your menu and savour all the taste of this journey through food!