Rocket: healthy and delicious as well!

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Rocket: healthy and delicious as well!

Rocket is a famous vegetable of the Italian cuisine, but it is not a simple “salad”. It is a combination of health and taste which makes any dish, from North to South Italy, even more delicious and colourful!

This peculiar kind of vegetable is slightly crunchy and bitter at the same time and enhances the taste of every dish!

We often use rocket to enhance the quality of our dishes with a fresh and colourful ingredient!

Rocket’s benefits

Rocket is not only a symbol of Italian food but also a healthy ingredient with many essential properties.

The rocket is rich in calcium and highly assimilable iron thanks to the high concentration of vitamin C.

It also contains vitamins B, A, E and K, beta-carotene and antioxidants that support liver and digestive functions.

In other words, rocket is not only a yummy dish but also a panacea for your health!

How to eat rocket salad

Rocket is eaten raw and dressed with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and some drops of balsamic vinegar.

If it is the only green vegetable in a side dish made of fresh vegetables, it is often combined with sweet and juicy tomatoes, to reduce its bitterness.

In most cases, we add rocket to mixed vegetable dishes such as escarole, endive or valerian.


Rocket is also combined with many kinds of fragrant and crispy breads. In central Italy we eat rocket with typical breads prepared according to ancient local recipes such as tigella bread from Modena and piadina, a typical flatbread from Romagna.

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