Sogood becomes even more practical and yummy: here’s to you the Double Pasta Menooo!

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Sogood becomes even more practical and yummy: here’s to you the Double Pasta Menooo!

Dear gourmets and friends, welcome back to our weekly meeting with the Italian cuisine, tastes and secrets!

Today we share with you some interesting news about our brand-new menus! From now on your SO GOOOD experience will be easier and even more practical.

We designed new menus according to your tastes and needs, made of pure and delicious Italian ingredients and easy to cook at home that will make your mouth water!

Thanks to our detailed tutorials on You Tube and our website, you will enjoy cooking! You don’t even need to go to the supermarket or weigh ingredients.

Are you ready? Here’s to you the DOUBLE Pasta Menu!

Here’s to you some first courses that will amaze you! These Menus are yummy combinations designed by our chefs for true lovers of Italian pasta!

Here they are:

  • BAROCCO Menu

Spaghetti and lasagne, semolina pasta and lasagna sheets that you can cook in the oven.

Basic but tasty as well. Lasagna is the typical Italian Sunday meal! From € 17.90 per person.


Egg-made pasta in truffle sauce and mushrooms risotto. A creamy dish enriched with the scent of the Italian undergrowth. Thanks to this amazing combination of different kinds of pasta you will experience the true Italian tradition. From € 17.60 per person.


Here you can find two different kinds of “long pasta”: tagliatelle pasta in truffle sauce and Spaghetti in Pistachio Pesto. That’s a DOUBLE Pasta Menu for people who love twirling spaghetti and tagliatelle on a spoon. From € 18.70 per person.

  • DUOMO Menu

If you love Italian Ragu, try out this yummy menu! You will find typical lasagne with bechamel cream sauce and Campofilone tagliatelle that you can mix with our meat ragu. From € 18.70 per person.

What are you waiting for? If you love Italian pasta, these are the menus you’re looking for!

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DOUBLE Pasta Menooo