Interesting facts about the Italian cuisine: the origins of the Tigella bread from Modena

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Interesting facts about the Italian cuisine: the origins of the Tigella bread from Modena

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Today’s topic is Tigella bread or “crescentina”, a typical dish from Emilia Romagna Region. It’s a sort of bread baked on a hot surface and usually combined with cured meats and slightly crispy raw vegetables such as rocket. In our menu Tigella bread is combined with Modena pesto, prepared with Colonnata lard and spices.

What is the correct name? Crescentina or Tigella?

First and foremost, let’s talk about the name. The correct one is “crescentina”, namely a round and crispy pastry prepared with water, flour, brewer’s yeast, salt and baking soda and baked on a hot surface. In the past, this surface was made of terracotta or refractory stone and warmed up on the hearth.

The term “Tigella” refers to the hot round pastry and not to the end product.When warmed up, the pastry becomes circular and crispy.

While the pastry is still hot, it is filled with any kind of cured meats (salami, ham, culatello and many others!) or creamy pork lard, garlic and rosemary (in Modena we refer to it as “cunza”).

Emilia Romagna Region is the cradle of all these dishes and many others such as Gnocco Fritto, a typical fried bread or Piadina, a flatbread mostly prepared in the South, warmed up on a baking tray and filled with all sorts of yummy ingredients.

Tigella or crescentina is delicious with any filling!

You can fill tigella with any ingredient. If you combine salami and vegetables, such as rocket, sliced tomatoes and grilled courgettes you will get a great balance of tastes! Our tip is to serve tigella with fresh cheese such as Squacquerone or Stracchino.

This amazing dish is crispy, tasteful and mouth-watering, isn’t it?

Here is the menu where you can find and taste the Crescentina. You can warm it up and taste at home the real essence of Emilia Romagna Region.

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