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Dear friends, today we have a lot to talk about! has a special client: a successful Italian blogger who writes about furniture and interior design. Her name is Margherita Succi, from, and she prepared some of our delicious So Goood menus, in particular the Toscana Firenze Menooo with a friend.


This Menu is delicate and loved by all women! In the box you will find all the ingredients you need to prepare a fragrant mushroom risotto and a cream of cannellini beans with crispy seeds.

Margherita Succi, on the right side, and a friend.

Together with a friend, Margherita prepared and talked about this menu on her e-commerce blog, where she also sells high-quality ceramics.

Die Bloggerin ist in Italien sehr bekannt: Sie hat ein ausgezeichnetes Empfinden für Ästhetik und schreibt eine Spalte, die uns empfiehlt, wie wir den Tisch perfekt decken können.

Shop FILLYOURHOMEWITHLOVE, Margherita Succi’s blog und E-shop.

Margherita is well-known for her amazing aesthetic taste and the column “how to set the table” on her blog is very popular.

She noticed the high quality of Sogoood ingredients as soon as she boiled porcini mushrooms to rehydrate them and perceived the amazing fragrance of these mushrooms. She also cooked Carnaroli rice according to the instructions and, by doing so, she obtained a creamy and delicious risotto.

The Cannellini beans cream was yummy too and Margherita enjoyed cooking this amazing creamy soup by following a few simple steps.

In her article on e-shop blog, she also shares some interesting facts about the origin of these dishes, which are real cornerstones of Italian cuisine.

If you want to see how Margherita and her friend prepared the Toscana Menooo, take a look at the video here. You will also see how the dishes have been served with style and elegance. ships only high-quality ingredients to you…you will enjoy cooking!

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Toscana Firenze Menooo